Justify your winter holidays with Sri Lanka trip!

The dawn of the Winter Season is nearing and there is a lot of excitement about which country to choose for the holidays. It almost does not meet any logic to visit any Western country in this season as those countries will be more chilling. So the next option is to choose any country in the South East Asia which will give some warmth during this excursion.


Out of the list of countries you would consider, it is almost inevitable that Sri Lanka would definitely be on the first five in the list. It is not fair to say that Lanka is the best destination, but it is justifiable to say that Lanka is the best destination considering the winters and how Lanka can compensate what you are trying to escape from in the west.

Now the first thing anyone would wish to do in winters is to get the warmth of the Sun as much as you can. Well, then Lanka has umpteen number of Beaches where one can lie down in peace under the sun for hours together and still not get disturbed by any passerby who is sharing the same beach. The noise, the market space and the rush is minimal and so there is plenty of privacy in the lap of the nature on seaside of Lanka. Also, to explore all the Destinations in Lanka such as its mystery caves, Elephant Safaris, Train journeys as well as Rain Forest Walks are a pleasure to do in the warmth of the Winter Sun instead of the Summer Sun which is not bearable to anyone visiting from a cold climate country.

Hence, apply for Sri Lanka Visa and check for your Sri Lanka visa Status and plan accordingly your favorite winter trip!


8 reasons to visit Sri Lanka on your next trip!

Noting only 8 reasons to visit Sri Lanka would be injustice to this amazing tourist spot. While there are plenty to explore, these are only a few that we list. This destination is one of the places which is favorable to visit all throughout the year and you require Sri Lanka Tourist Visa too. Let us dive into what drives tourists to this biodiversity hotspot amidst the Indian Ocean.

1. Visiting the Elephants:

The Elephants are best visited in the Wild when it comes to Sri Lanka instead of the Elephant Orphanages. There will be a Safari guide to take you through one of the best Elephant Shots that you can get.


2. Visiting for Spirituality:

This island country is largely influenced by Buddhism and this can be seen in every nook and corner of the nation. It can be one of the greatest spiritual adventures a true seeker could partake if encountered by some of the true aspirants along your path. There are plenty of serene places where one can sit calmly or even meditate without anyone to poke you out of your way to the heavens in your inner journey!

3. Visiting for Fishing:

One of the best pastimes in any seaside area is Fishing. Though it is more of a living for the Sri Lankans instead of a pastime, there is ample of scope for the visitors to get more than a glimpse of this traditional fishing method used by the native Lankans.


4. Visiting for the serene hotel accommodation:

This beautiful country is known for its budget-friendly accommodation for all categories of travelers. But there are few Hotels which are extremely known for their magnificent set-up which makes any tourist feel not to step out for any sight-seeing even.

5. Visiting the Calm Beaches:

There is nothing like a calm beach where there is not much rush, and you can just lie there for hours from dawn to dusk, just doing nothing but bathing in the warm rush of waves. If that is what your idea of a beach is, then Sri Lanka is where you need to go to.

6. Visiting for Historical Monuments:

The Lankans have a skill to preserve everything they cherish in the form of a monument. Their rich heritage of Buddhism and Lankan culture can be seen in various historical sites. There are also rock caves that are very intriguing for exploration.


7. Visiting for Boating and Water Activities:

Being an island, this tiny land offers various spots where you can go for Boating, Surfing, Fishing or Swimming. There is ample of safety as well as freedom to explore the waters in this Lankan turf.

8. Visiting for Paintings and Crafts:

There are still various Arts and Crafts from ancient traditions that are still alive in this country. It thrives on its cultural preservation and its display through various art galleries as well as stalls for sale for the sake of tourists especially. You can always carry one of these precious memoirs back home to remember by how beautiful a country called Sri Lanka was when you visited once upon a time.

In order to visit this country, apply for Sri Lanka ETA which is an Electronic Travel Authorization that does not require you to visit any local Lankan Embassy physically for attaining Sri Lanka Visa.

Sri Lanka Perfect Mixture of Six Days Adventure Trip

A person travels to faraway places to watch in fascination, the kind of people they used to ignore at home or daily work life. For some people this may encompass them more. Living in London, I was aware that we shared a few endemics with the Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean. The determination of being stronger, I ended up seeing more local areas than I would have and nothing to venture out on this week long trip. After reaching out in our destination last night I see the grand welcome there people done for us is really watchable type. If you also want this type of grand welcome with flowers, traditional dances, delicious food and many more then I am sure you won’t stop yourself. Make your Sri Lanka Visa and make a adventure tour to Sri Lanka.


Here are my adventure experiences in Sri Lanka:

Early next morning, after picking up our tour guide, we entered on our dream journey to the Rainforest region the Sinharaja National Park. Approx 120 kms from Colombo. The road conditions from hotel to Sinharaja National park are quite good. As soon as we left the occluding city, harnessing our binoculars, we moved closer to the car window seats. The trailing city life always restores a birder’s zealous eyes. The desire to see the Sri Lankan endemics was kicked off by our first sightseeing of the Yellow Fronted Barbet.

The country- side of Sri Lanka is similar to our all countries coastal areas but some coastal areas are not cleaned and fresh. Here the coastal areas to each city and village is Clean, rain-washed narrow lanes, lined with archetypal village houses with lush green open fields are weaved into the landscape. Several water bodies including billabongs and rivulets which are perfectly synchronized with youthful bushes and tall palms.

Several Doves and Shrikes later we stopped for lunch at a restaurant serving local food. It seemed more like a home with a large dining room and open to all visitors. The Sinharaja Rain forest is a site that rich of biodiversity and is well worth exploring as well. After that there are many more Rain forest that we experience in front of our eyes are the Yala National Park which is one of the best places in the world to spot leopards along with a host of other fascinating wildlife and the Minneriya National Park where one can watch the famed “elephant gathering”, while the Udawalawe and Wilpaththu national parks are reserves ideal for safaris too.

In today’s article I have explained few adventure part of my Six days tour to Sri Lanka. If you want to experience more you can extend your Sri Lanka tourist visa. I hope you enjoy my blog. For more information you can also visit our Tourism site @ https://www.etavisa-srilanka.org/srilanka-trourism.php

Things to Love about Sri Lanka

Tourist likes to travel and experience all the small continent and places located in earth. Sri Lanka is one of them. Sri Lanka is a land of alluring islands and calming Buddhist spirituality. It is not such big country like others but yet it contains 8 Unesco World Heritage sites. Truly a traveler’s wonderland, the beautiful coast and sea beaches could attracts even the most jaded travelers. There are plenty of different activities that the country has to offer to its visitors and this makes it a must visiting destination. If you also want to Travel Sri Lanka in this coming monsoon the book your Sri Lanka visa and ticket to Sri Lanka as soon as possible because this chance will never come back again.

Here are few things to see and keep in mind what and where to go in Sri Lanka:

Buddhism: Sri Lanka is known as the oldest continually Buddhist country as the religion first was introduced in the 2nd Century BC by the son of India’s Ashoka Emperor and the Venerable Mahinda was Buddhism. The ancient Cave Temples present in Dambulla is about 3 hours North from Galle. This place offers some of the oldest paintings and Buddha statues. If you visit Sri Lanka then don’t forget to travel the Buddhism places of Sri Lanka.

Elephants Safe Haven: Elephants have been examined close to extinction for the value of their ivory tusks. Sri Lanka offers a true and beautiful wildlife sanctuary for all tourists. You can go find them close to Galle where it is possible to volunteer from near as well. The Veterinarians caring for those impressive animals overlook the Elephant Welfare Project and provide a very rich opportunity to learn from their expertise as well as realize the important work for the world’s ecosystem.

Colombo: The half capital of Sri Lanka is where most travelers like to come through as it houses the biggest airport. The city was founded in the 5th Century; Colombo was the gateway for trade between Asia and the West. Your holidays can easily be spent on the beach of Mount Lavinia or visiting some of the city landmarks such as Gangaramaya Vihara; one of the most beautiful Buddhist temple ever found in the country. It is famous for its brass work and stone carvings. The city is also houses Pettah, one of the old districts in the city which has now been transformed into a marketplace.

Orphanages: This name referred to as Children’s Homes found in most location of Sri Lanka. It is home to many orphans that love the opportunity to connect and collaborate with various people. These children are very much eager to learn and a joy to work among. Unfortunately, many children are abandoned by their own parents who are simply unable to properly care for them. You will also to interact with these lovely children.


Beaches: Visiting Sri Lanka then who can miss to visit Unawatuna, Bentota and Induruwa, Arugam Bay and Mirissa which are some of the popular beaches in Sri Lanka and popular among travelers too. The beaches are islands in microcosm coupled with colonial towns-capes, superb wildlife parks, stilt fishermen and Buddhist shrines and temples.
We have explained all the popular regions of Sri Lanka. If you want to know more about Sri Lanka before traveling then you can visit this site @ https://www.etavisa-srilanka.org/srilanka-trourism.php . You can book your Sri Lanka tourist visa through this website.

India Vs Sri Lanka – 5 Days ODI Cricket Match

Yesterday match was thrilling finish winning match by India. Again Virat and Dhawan take the winning title to their home India. Why not they can’t take the title after all Virat Kohli is the new captain hulk of this generation. Most of the girls from all over the world are diehard fan of this youngster. Most of the people are coming to watch cricket for him only. We can’t ignore the Sri Lanka young all rounder Hasaranga who doesn’t allow making high run in the last few overs. We can’t say one team played very well and other doesn’t of course both of the team push themselves to win the match but at the end of the day one team needs to win and it has been done India. As the match is going on in Sri Lanka most of the people from India, United kingdom, USA and many more countries are visiting to Sri Lanka to experience the live match. The Indian people those are staying in different places of world how can they miss it? They are done with their Sri Lanka visa so they can stay there for long period and to support India or Sri Lanka. After all supporters are the main parts of Cricket or any other game.

Some of the Indian team players like Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma, Mohammed Shami and Wriddhiman Saha visit the Ashok Vatika. Ashok Vatika is a garden in Sri Lanka where Sita used to stay. This is a garden named Sita Eliya in the Nuwara Eliya district which finds a mention in the Ramayan and Puranas. The cricketers accompained by their families and visits many more places like Seetha Amman Temple where it is believed that Sita was held captive by Ravana and lord Hanuman burn the palace by their tail. There are many historical places are there in Sri Lanka. A tourist will never feel bored after visiting all these places.

Here are some pictures of their visit that we found in social media.


Who can forget the new love birds Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma? Both are also enjoying the Sri Lanka trip with each other.


No one can forget the victory of 2011 World cup won by India. The match was between the India and Sri Lanka. India won the match due to their captain M.S. Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh. No one can forget the six sixes of Yuvraj Singh in that match. After many years of pray to god finally India win the world cup match.

I think you have enjoyed a lot in our today’s blog. At last same thing I will tell don’t forget to make your Sri Lankan visa to visit Sri Lanka and encourage both the teams.

Take Flights to Sri Lanka and Enjoy Outstanding Summer in Trendy Beaches!

Looking for tropical paradise for beautiful and memorable holidays? There can be no other better place than Sri Lanka to escape you from your hurly-burly routine state of affairs. If you need some time for yourself and for your family to give yourself and your family a break from the increasing stress! Then plan your itinerary, book your flights for Sri Lanka by SriLankan Airlines or other Airlines traveling to Sri Lanka from different countries, and give your holidaying spree a new boost. This Country is never out of season for beach holidays as it is blessed with all the ingredients for a perfect sun and sandy holidays. This can be called as an island because it is surrounded by over one thousand kilometers of endless golden sand beaches decorated with palm trees. Whether you like sun-bathing, swimming, surfing, diving or a deeper water experience on your beach holiday with a mix of relaxation, spa, privacy, seclusion, adventure, fun, excitement and an opportunity to truly mix with the culture of the country and it has it all to offer you. Make your Sri Lanka visa and book your flight tickets to Sri Lanka and enjoy your ride in an outstanding manner. Your flights after reaching Sri Lanka will give you the opportunity to enjoy some water sports like; skiing, parasailing, Whitewater River rafting or windsurfing at exotic beaches of this tea drop shaped Island.

West Coast Beaches of Sri Lanka: The area stretching itself from south of Colombo towards the Galle which is known as west coast. The most sorts out destination of West Coast takers in Sri Lanka is Bentota. Beautiful, wide and sandy beaches can be found in Bentota. Other West Coast beaches are also present which is very popular among tourists. These include; the beaches like Waikkala, Marawila, Seeduwa and Uswetakeiyawa. These are the best places to enjoy water sports or picnic, or simply sun bath with your family.


Down South Beaches of Sri Lanka: These beaches are popular among budget travelers Hikkaduwa and back packers which are most famous beach areas. It is best for sea adventures and scuba diving. The Ahungalla beach in Sri Lanka is famous for deep sea fishing, Unawatuna for surfing and sea food, Ambalangoda Beach for ecological environment of Mangroves and Mirissa is known among Sri Lanka flights takers for it relaxing, calm and small rocking beach.

North West Beaches of Sri Lanka: In these last series of beaches the visitors may go for after taking flights to Sri Lanka from United Kingdom which is North West Beaches. These include; Negambo: a major fishing town, Marawila: beach with number of Catholic Churches, Chilaw: a calm and quite beach relating to Portuguese, Puttalam: having arid fishing settlement and country second largest water pool, Mannar: having fort, fishing, and sea as major attractions and Kalpitiya: with an Old Dutch fort.

With my Sri Lanka tourist visa I have plan of taking Sri Lanka flights this year and celebrate my summer vacations at its trendy beaches.

Magic of Sri Lanka – Land of Thousand Smiles

Sri Lanka, an island ironically shaped like a tear drop but shines by the happy smiles of its inhabitants. The smiles which quietly disappear any anger or despair they might feel even today over the many years of acute civil violence of the country that went through after a analogously peaceful road to independence. The tourism is an important for Sri Lanka achieved ~10% of their GDP and the government plans to step up the efforts towards it is to improve the revenues from tourism. The tourism might be important today for the country but the Sri Lankan people come across as genuinely warm and friendly. For these tourists government of Sri Lanka declared to have ETA Sri Lanka visa that stands for Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization visa. All tourists required to have this visa with them. This is like an entry pass to them.

  • Today the country is an amazing combination of rich and multi-cultural historical heritage sites that influences its past from the Portuguese, Dutch, British rules and system. In it’s the capital city Colombo, the colonial effect is still quite strong. So you will find many historical places over there.
  • The island has one of the largest numbers of world heritage centers like the Tooth Relic temple in Kandy to the caves at Dambulla and the ancient city of Sigiriya among others. The colorful hill station of Kandy which is considered today as a cultural center clearly showcases the varieties of religion practiced in the country. The tooth relic temple is just situated next to St. Paul’s church. Hindu and Buddhist temples proudly co-exist with churches and mosques. We were happy to be there on Christmas eve when the haunting melody of Holy Night’, ‘Silent Night merged beautifully with the bells in the tooth Relic temple to create a beautiful concert.


  • Sri Lankan food is like a treat for the taste buds and the country is a haven for foodie lovers. The traditional food over here is very similar to the Indian cuisine with sumptuous sea food, prawn curries and the chicken and egg hoppers. Some people who look for international cuisine for them it will also not be disappointed type as the local restaurants provide plenty of choices.
  • Sri Lanka also counts in the list of most child-friendly destinations. Children would love to visit the Pinnewala elephant orphanage (2 hours drive out from Colombo) which is home to about 100 of elephants. At per-determined timings, children are allowed to bathe and feed baby elephants here.
  • Shopping is another activity that tourists would find hard to resist in the country. Apart from the beautiful wood carved statues of Buddha and elephants, affordable and fashionable clothes in chains such as Odel and the House of Fashion. Sri Lanka is also known for its spices and precious gems. A trip to moonstone mine is like an education as it allows ones to learn how the moonstones are mined and then made into precious stones.

So next time again when you visit to Sri Lanka, remember one thing to validate your Sri Lanka visa. If your visa is expired then update it as soon as possible.

Sri Lanka Holidays

Take a break from your daily monotonous or dull routine and plan holidays to Sri Lanka. This Asian country is dotted with several attractive places like tea estates, heritage places, waterfalls and gardens. Let me bring to you a sneak peek of Sri Lanka tourism. Before we explain on Sri Lanka Tourism one important thing you need to highly consider is having a Sri Lankan visa. Make Sri Lanka tourist visa then enjoy your tour.


Top Tourist Places

Colombo (Las Vegas of Sri Lanka): The commercial city of Sri Lanka is Colombo that possesses all the ingredients to serve as one of the fabulous destination of the country. This old city has witnessed many different ages or eras like Portuguese, Dutch and British time in the past. It is located on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, Colombo city is a combination of hilly and marshy land. The climate is generally hot except in the monsoon (April-September) when it rains heavily. Despite being a modern city of Sri Lanka, this city reflects the rich and traditional culture of the country. The city is full of majestic landmarks like Parliament Building, the two World Trade Center towers and Jami Ul Alfar mosque.

Galle: The city Galle is situated in the South Coast of Sri Lanka which attracts tourist from different pockets of the world. The impressive Galle Fort, Unawatuna Bay, Weligama and Koggala, the National Maritime Museum are the must-visited places for visitors in Galle.

Kandy: Who bring the royalty to Sri Lanka non other then Kandy. This city has witnessed the bygone royalty of Sri Lanka. In today’s date it fortifies the vibrant Sinhalese culture, tradition and region. Places like Kandy Lake, Cadjugama, Temple of the Tooth, Henarathgoda Botanical Garden, Elephant Orphanage at Pinnewala and Royal Palace Complex are the must-visit places in Kandy.

Kataragama: If in this summer you are planning to spend your time with your family then Kataragama is a well-known home for summer festival in Sri Lanka. It is located on the bank of River Menik and a religious destination for Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims. A temple in Kataragama called Deviyo(Buddhist God) dedicated to Buddhism is highly visited by devotees, all the year round.

Best time to visit: Every country has some time or month to visit so Sri Lanka experiences favorable climate all the year round. Generally, monsoon and dry season rule the region all throughout the year. The south-west coastal areas and the hilly region remain dry from November to April. While the east coast remain dry from May to September. Hence forth, traveling to Sri Lanka is comfortable for all the year round.

How to reach Sri Lanka?

This is not a big question. Obviously by air only you can reach to Sri Lanka. If you like to travel by sea then you can try for ships. As Sri Lanka is round the year tourist destination the only and best way to reach there is via air. Book your holiday package for Sri Lanka. Choose the best hotels to stay. Before that don’t forget to make your Sri Lanka visa. Have a nice stay in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Cycling Tours

Are you interested to take Sri Lanka cycling tours experience? If you want some kind of unique cycling experience, then you should not miss out on Sri Lanka. The beautiful landscape of the country is perfect for cyclists; the mountains, beaches, tropical forests, valleys, cultural villages and ancient cities offer one new kind of cycling experience. Every year tourist visit Sri Lanka, not to enjoy the natural beauty of the country but for cycling so that they can enjoy the 2500 year old culture of Sri Lanka. Most of the tourists are from United Kingdom. Why from this country only? Because according to their climate they feel much better to ride cycling over here. They also feel that visa service to this country is much easier than other countries. With the help of any Sri Lanka visa service provider U.K people get their visa in right time and in proper manner.

For each and every cyclist, temperature, weather and the type of roads are important when they are going into trails. Before you book your ticket for Sri Lanka have some few knowledge on cycling. Here is a guide to the general climate, temperature and types of trail in Sri Lanka:

Lowlands:  The lowlands are typically warm and humid with an average of 27 degrees centigrade temperature. In Central Hills areas the temperature is low as compared to most lowland areas; its temperature is around 14 degrees centigrade. During the months of May to July, expectation rain from the south-east area monsoon hit the west, south-west and central areas. During the months of January and December, the north-west monsoon brings rain to the lowlands. However if you will see over the all year around then general climate is typically favorable for tourists on holiday in Sri Lanka.


Soft Trails and Moderate Trails: The soft trails are analogously easy and these short trails are typically taken by the beginners and for free time or leisure riders. In soft trails the roads are mostly dirty manner and it is situated on flat and gentle slopes. These trails are not as difficult as the trails chosen by adventurous and serious cyclists. As per moderate trails the roads are reserved for more adventurous and experienced cyclists. In moderate trails the Sri Lanka cycling tours usually take a weekend to cover the hill areas and the mountain areas which are more difficult to do in soft trails.

Technical trails: These trails are known as the technical sections or professional sections. They are preserved for higher level cyclists who already have a certain level of fitness and endurance people those are able to complete the trails.

The Sri Lanka cycling tours generally required having good climate for cycling but still need to check for the weather if you want to join the tour. If you are willing to visit Sri Lanka this year for cycling purpose then get your Sri Lanka eta visa and spend your holidays in high profile manner.

Travelers Go for Eco – Tourism in Sri Lanka

A traveler can understand what does Eco-tourism mean? Eco-tourism is a commercial venture that strives to conserve the local habitat while entertaining international and local tourists from around the world. There are various different geographical locations that are earmarked for such initiatives. This helps in bringing the revenue and at the same time preserves the ecosystem of the region. Sri Lanka is a delightful green island country, which has several different destinations all across the land especially for Eco-tourists.  Agro tourism, or tours based on agriculture are also a new place of all new one’s who own in this industry. As Sri Lanka has a huge agricultural base island, Agro tourism has really taken off in the country. Tourists can visit the paddy fields and watch the peasants cultivating their crop. They can also try for picking tea leaves at the tea plantations which are world famous for their export quality tea or they can head off to dairy farms and try their hand at milking cattle. The Agro tourism in Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of exciting and novel activities that are rarely available in the rest of the world. If you are traveling to Sri Lanka as an Eco-Tourism or Agro Tourism don’t forget to make your Sri Lanka ETA visa. This can be done by applying online.


Being an island nation, this island has thousands of miles of clean and natural coastline. This offers several opportunities for exciting water sport activities like surfing, kayaking, water skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, dolphin watching, wind surfing whale watching and more. For those who seek excitement higher up in the hills, Adam’s Peak is probably one of the best destination places to visit. The peak is around 7358 feet high and offers breathtaking views for the adventurous that take the pains to measure its heights. Watching a sunrise from the peak is truly a magical moment that would be etched in one’s memory for a lifetime. Around the peak is the Adam’s Peak wilderness sanctuary is present, which has nature trails winding through tropical plantations, rain forests and across rivers. The wildlife sanctuary is also a pilgrimage site for people of various different religions.

Sri Lanka takes the extra care to ensure that the cultural heritage of the land is preserved as well. Eco-tourism is also used as a means to economically lift up the local population in and around these tourist locations. By incorporating several continuous community development initiatives, Sri Lanka will be able to relieve poverty in the region by using Eco-tourism. During the Sri Lanka tourist visa information if you found any type of problem then you go for the help at their help desk.