Facts to know about Christmas celebration.

In spite of the fact that Sri Lanka is a for the most part Buddhist nation . Christmas is commended as an open occasion by everybody. Most Christians in Sri Lanka are Catholics. There has been impacts from a few diverse European nations. Sri Lanka (it was likewise called Ceylon) was managed by the Portuguese from 1505 to 1650, the Dutch from 1658 to 1796 and the British from 1815 to 1948.

For Christians in Sri Lanka, the Christmas season begins on first December when individuals let off sparklers at sunrise!

The boulevards are designed and the strip malls have extensive Christmas Trees in them. Enormous organizations have Christmas gatherings and substantial lodgings have Christmas supper moves.

The Christians go to Midnight Mass administrations everywhere throughout the nation. They additionally welcome companions, both Christian and non Christian to their homes for parties.

New Year is additionally broadly celebrated with more fireworks! There are likewise Midnight Mass administrations for New Year.

In Sri Lanka Santa is called Naththal Seeya.

In Sinhala, talked in Sri Lanka, Merry Christmas is ‘Suba Naththalak Wewa’ (සුබ නත්තලක් වේවා).

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ETA Sri Lanka is easier with our guided application!

Guidance plays a key role especially when we are not aware of the totality with regards to a process. This is the case often with Visa applications when applied for Sri Lanka ETA Visa. Our customer care executives are available round-the-clock for the sake of helping the applicants with their Sri Lanka e-visa and also a Live Chat feature is available with us for instant clarifications.

Ayurveda – A Healthy Stay in Sri Lanka

The traditional medicine of Sri Lanka is Ayurveda, which has been practiced for many centuries in this island. Based on the secret knowledge handed down from generation to new generation over a period of 3,000 years but still it works a natural medicine. From the current medical system it developed more and shows 100% natural result.

Through the 1000 of years this system has been upgraded with traditions from the Ayurveda and Siddha systems of India, the Arabian Unani medicine which came later became the most indigenous medicine of Sri Lanka, even the Desheeya Chikitsa too.


Human health played a major role since Ancient days in Sri Lanka and in all over the world, where the rulers being prominent physicians themselves and considered the art of healing very important. Therefore they paved the way for the development of this system by medication. According to ancient rock inscription work Sri Lanka has provide proper, organized medical services to its people. From centuries their people help in boasting the establishment of dedicated hospitals. According to archeological founder experts, the Mihintale Mountain located in Sri Lanka had featured the first hospital in the world. Every year people travel from different countries to get experience of this Ayurveda. They have their Sri Lanka Visa with them so that they can get the experience of Ayurveda treatment more deeply.

With centuries of development the current Ayurveda system in Sri Lanka is much more better than a system of herbal medicine. Ayurveda has two main aims treating the symptoms of the disease and strengthening the immune system. And the method of healing by Ayurveda is a way to stay healthy and longevity and it can easily be used with the modern western form of medicine to complement it.


Ayurvedic treatment is based on the process of purification and rejuvenation of disease. In this system of toxins accumulated in the body due to bad health practices has to be expelled from the body and to be purified in order to function properly. This helps to guarantee people for long lasting good health. Apart from other specific treatments identified by medical problems, some of the popular Ayurvedic treatments available in Sri Lanka includes the Ayurvedic Body Massage, Ayurveda Herbal bath and Steam Bath, Ayurvedic Head Oil Application, Ayurvedic Nasal Treatment, and Ayurveda Foot Massage. All includes herbal thing in treatment.


If you are suffering from some disease and it is not getting cured by your science then go for Ayurvedic treatment. Visit Sri Lanka by having proper validate Sri Lanka visa with yourself and enjoy this ancient treatment. It will relax down your mind and soul.

Finest Places and Events your Plan of Travel Sri Lanka

Today all the readers will be able to know why Sri Lanka is known as a scenic island. From the early years so many visitors are attracted to this country. It is a land clearly endowed with natural resources and known as one of the most visited destinations globally. As per globally or Sri Lanka in map, it shapes forms like a teardrop, which is placed in the Indian Ocean nearly at the tip of the Indian peninsular mainland. It is really one of the most amazing countries in the world. The country has marvelous waterfalls, vast mountain scenery and tropical rain forests. In the past few years Sri Lanka has become a famous tourist destination with so many tourists staying in holiday villas with self-catering holiday apartments or some adventure type hotels. The affordable facilities are offered by some travel agencies that you have selected during applying Sri Lanka visa online.

Here are some places and their events that should be included in your plan of traveling Sri Lanka:


Sinhala Kings: It is the most beautiful town, the stronghold of this city is Sinhala Kings which is a Sri Lanka’s hill capital. Its height increases up to 488 meters above the level of the sea and it is located next to Colombo. In this city the center of attraction is the Dalada Maligawa, which is golden-roofed. It is the sole place where in the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha is preserved. As of now, restorations are ongoing by the UNESCO and the Central Cultural Fund. This place is known as the most visited place all the year.


Kalapuraya: The Kalapuraya, situated in the wonderful Dumbara valley which is 8 km off from Kandy where many descendants of the ancient craftsmen till now create items of unimaginable elegance in metal and wood. Once you visit Kandy, you will see several temples and ancient holy places with frescoes, wood and stone inscriptions and their unique paintings.


City of Gems: Now another famous destination in Sri Lanka is the “City of Gems”, which is the middle point of gemming industry. The gems created in it include gems like garnet, aquamarine, zircon, ruby, tourmaline, topaz, amethyst, sapphire, cat’s eye, and alexandrite. Every year most of the actors and actress visit Sri Lanka and to this city of gems for their precious jewelers and sets. The tourist visits to Sri Lanka’s gem mines are arranged and guided by its travel agents. The exquisite and various gem collections can be seen and visited at the National Museum, Ratnapura and in private museums of Sri Lanka.

If you too are planning to have one of those gems in your life then visit Sri Lanka. It is not only famous for gems but much for Sea beaches and Tourist destination areas. Get your Sri Lanka tourist visa now and collect your ticket from online or nearest airports.

Elephant Orphanage – Pinnawala Sri Lanka

On your way to Sri Lanka’s kingdom in the hills a home for the majestic mammal is present and those are the great giant elephants. The road to the orphanage is covered in trees and shrubs, giving the area a jungle look like atmosphere, suitable for all indigenous Sri Lankan elephant. Most elephant species are now extinct or dead and the orphanage in Sri Lanka is highly acclaimed the world over for its commitment to the preservation of these species. Earlier Pinnawala is a village but elephants like to stay over there therefore it is famous for orphanage of elephants. Compare to now earlier there were different types of elephants and their species. Sri Lanka Pinnawala has the largest flock of captive elephants in the world. In 2011, there were 88 elephants as per counted, including in them 39 were male elephants and 49 were female elephants from last 3 generations, these creatures are living in Pinnawala. To know more about these big giant creatures every year from different countries people like to travel more. If you too are planning then go for your Sri Lanka ETA visa.



As Sri Lanka is an Asian country Asian culture recognizes elephants as intelligent, emotional and to possess an exquisite memory. They play nicely a pivotal role in Sri Lankan traditions processions, being a part of ceremonies and cultural festivals. A number of fancily decorated and highly adorned elephants are a definite inclusion in the renowned ‘Kandy Perahera’ and other religious processions or cultural activities celebrated in the country. The orphanage is administered by the National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka Authorities which also functions as a breeding ground for the large land mammal.


The baby elephants which are found in the jungles are also care by the orphaned people. These baby elephants are taken under their orphanage caring wing and protected well. The elephants are allowed to roam free in the spacious grounds of the orphanage and are well feed and cared for by the mahouts and volunteers. Large quantities of green manure, coconut leaves, tamarind, a local palm kitul leaves, jak fruit, maize and rice bran are well fed to them in their stalls. Both local and foreign guests enjoy interacting with these friendly animals. These elephants gracefully ramble to the banks of the Maha Oya River twice in a day, to quench their thirst and bathe. It becomes a heavenly habitat for the descendants of the mammoth even though it is not quite the same all year because it is their natural life cycle.


Being one of the foremost elephant conservation projects in our today’s article, a visit to this tiny island must be coupled with a visit to the orphanage. Sri Lanka travel agencies are now breeze with the emergence of Sri Lanka car rental services. If you want to know more about this place you can visit to our site ETA Visa Sri Lanka offering Sri Lanka visa online.

Sri Lanka and its Places of Interest!!


Have you ever visited Sri Lanka? If your answer is yes then there is nothing to tell you and if you are not then visit as soon as possible. A blogger can’t explain whole thing in writing better to visit the place and feel the experience by your eyes. Sri Lanka is such a beautiful place which you never dream in close eyes. It is the place that needs to be experience in open wide eyes so that you can say Wao!!! How can miss this? Places like Colombo, Anuradhapura, Galle, Kandy, Dehiwala, Kalmunai Muslim /Kalmunai Tamil /Sainthamarathu etc. From these places our today’s blog will be on Anuradhapura. Yes this is the place which is full of history. As, Sri Lanka is located near to India so there are so many historical places as like India. Anuradhapura is one of the ancient places in Sri Lanka and is considered to be a holy, blessed or religious place for the Sri Lankan. This place ruins of the ancient Lankan civilization that is now a UNESCO World heritage Site. It lies 205 kilometers north of Colombo so you can book your own transport or your traveler agency can provide personal transport for your travel to this city. There are so many travel agencies available online for your safe tines. You can even go online for your ETA Sri Lanka Visa.


Anuradhapura is full of ancient architecture and designs that were built by the oldest well known people of the past. The city is well known for its structure irrigation systems that were built in the ancient world that still remains today as it was on ancient time. There are some ruins of three kinds of ancient buildings that are the dagobas, Spartan and the pokunas. The most famous among these buildings is the ruins of the Brazen Palace which is built by the King Dutugamunu in the way back 164 B.C. These buildings are the main attractions for all visitors from around the world. Everyone is just amused with the useful and creative, original engineering techniques that the ancient people had made during their time.

This is very ideal place to visit for them who have a knowledge and briefing about the history of Sri Lanka. This will be a very fun and educational trip for everyone like for your family, friends or children’s that will make them learn the things that makes Sri Lanka a well known place around the world. Even your kids can use these information and knowledge for their school lessons.


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Basic Specifics for the Guest of Colombo

Sri Lanka capital is Colombo or we can say it is designated as Sri Lanka’s capital, largest metropolis and major port of Sri Lanka all together pulls all the colors and customs that compose this island nation, squeezes them into a mixture of markets, buildings both humble and impressive and relaxing gardens that knocks them against a fine slab of beach side. Several visitors taking the flights to Colombo will adore Colombo’s colonial tradition, its fine cuisine options and lavish shopping market opportunities and the race of urban buzz makes Sri Lanka an awesome rural country. In the northern region of this city is the fort area, where you will observe the huge British fort, dating back 19th century, and several residues of the previous regal power. As a guest if you are traveling to a new country you required having that particular country visa so you must have Sri Lanka visa with yourself.


Weather conditions and when to fly Colombo:

No matter what month of the year you pick for your holiday to Colombo and confirm your seats in the cheap flights, every time you will find the weather will be warm and humid. It is possibly wisest to avoid the monsoon rains, however: this season you found on May and August, and October and January.

The Airlines flying to Colombo:

Flights flying to Colombo from UK take about 13 hours of journey without any stopover. Various scheduled airlines that operate the flights to Colombo lead by direct as well as an indirect route. Sri Lankan Airlines, Emirates, Kuwait Airways, Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines, Jet Airways, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines fly to Colombo from all major airports of United Kingdom.

Colombo Airport:

The airport you will find in Colombo is Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) which is the airport functioning in Colombo city and receiving the international Colombo flights from all over the world. The airport caters have all essential needs of international guests including banks, money changers, internet access, cart rental firms, bars, restaurants, different shops, post offices and most important help desks and hotel reservations agencies.


In this manner there are many things to that will attract you to visit Colombo every time. There are many tourist attraction places to visit. Get your Sri Lanka visa online and enjoy the each single day of your holiday spending over there.

Justify your winter holidays with Sri Lanka trip!

The dawn of the Winter Season is nearing and there is a lot of excitement about which country to choose for the holidays. It almost does not meet any logic to visit any Western country in this season as those countries will be more chilling. So the next option is to choose any country in the South East Asia which will give some warmth during this excursion.


Out of the list of countries you would consider, it is almost inevitable that Sri Lanka would definitely be on the first five in the list. It is not fair to say that Lanka is the best destination, but it is justifiable to say that Lanka is the best destination considering the winters and how Lanka can compensate what you are trying to escape from in the west.

Now the first thing anyone would wish to do in winters is to get the warmth of the Sun as much as you can. Well, then Lanka has umpteen number of Beaches where one can lie down in peace under the sun for hours together and still not get disturbed by any passerby who is sharing the same beach. The noise, the market space and the rush is minimal and so there is plenty of privacy in the lap of the nature on seaside of Lanka. Also, to explore all the Destinations in Lanka such as its mystery caves, Elephant Safaris, Train journeys as well as Rain Forest Walks are a pleasure to do in the warmth of the Winter Sun instead of the Summer Sun which is not bearable to anyone visiting from a cold climate country.

Hence, apply for Sri Lanka Visa and check for your Sri Lanka visa Status and plan accordingly your favorite winter trip!

8 reasons to visit Sri Lanka on your next trip!

Noting only 8 reasons to visit Sri Lanka would be injustice to this amazing tourist spot. While there are plenty to explore, these are only a few that we list. This destination is one of the places which is favorable to visit all throughout the year and you require Sri Lanka Tourist Visa too. Let us dive into what drives tourists to this biodiversity hotspot amidst the Indian Ocean.

1. Visiting the Elephants:

The Elephants are best visited in the Wild when it comes to Sri Lanka instead of the Elephant Orphanages. There will be a Safari guide to take you through one of the best Elephant Shots that you can get.


2. Visiting for Spirituality:

This island country is largely influenced by Buddhism and this can be seen in every nook and corner of the nation. It can be one of the greatest spiritual adventures a true seeker could partake if encountered by some of the true aspirants along your path. There are plenty of serene places where one can sit calmly or even meditate without anyone to poke you out of your way to the heavens in your inner journey!

3. Visiting for Fishing:

One of the best pastimes in any seaside area is Fishing. Though it is more of a living for the Sri Lankans instead of a pastime, there is ample of scope for the visitors to get more than a glimpse of this traditional fishing method used by the native Lankans.


4. Visiting for the serene hotel accommodation:

This beautiful country is known for its budget-friendly accommodation for all categories of travelers. But there are few Hotels which are extremely known for their magnificent set-up which makes any tourist feel not to step out for any sight-seeing even.

5. Visiting the Calm Beaches:

There is nothing like a calm beach where there is not much rush, and you can just lie there for hours from dawn to dusk, just doing nothing but bathing in the warm rush of waves. If that is what your idea of a beach is, then Sri Lanka is where you need to go to.

6. Visiting for Historical Monuments:

The Lankans have a skill to preserve everything they cherish in the form of a monument. Their rich heritage of Buddhism and Lankan culture can be seen in various historical sites. There are also rock caves that are very intriguing for exploration.


7. Visiting for Boating and Water Activities:

Being an island, this tiny land offers various spots where you can go for Boating, Surfing, Fishing or Swimming. There is ample of safety as well as freedom to explore the waters in this Lankan turf.

8. Visiting for Paintings and Crafts:

There are still various Arts and Crafts from ancient traditions that are still alive in this country. It thrives on its cultural preservation and its display through various art galleries as well as stalls for sale for the sake of tourists especially. You can always carry one of these precious memoirs back home to remember by how beautiful a country called Sri Lanka was when you visited once upon a time.

In order to visit this country, apply for Sri Lanka ETA which is an Electronic Travel Authorization that does not require you to visit any local Lankan Embassy physically for attaining Sri Lanka Visa.