Popular Tourist Destinations- Travel to Sri Lanka

Enjoy the gorgeous destinations of Sri Lanka! West coast of Sri Lanka is known for best visitor’s destination. By making it a popular tourist destination for all kinds of travelers, you can enjoy so many different kinds of things within a few days. In Hikkaduwa, from north to south you will get a numbers of comfortable hotels and guesthouses of all sizes and standards. Also try to visit some other parts of Colombo like Kalutara, Beruwala, Bentota and Negombo warm and pleasant type of large resort hotels are present.  Get your visa for Sri Lanka now and visit one of the world beautiful places. Some reviews by tourists are:

South Coast of Galle:

In Sri Lanka, Galle is one of the most rewarding places to visit. Dazzling and beautiful beaches, wildlife parks, Buddhist shrines and temples types of places need to be visited. The area is very well preserved and has lovely views of the ocean, and some shallow area for kids to swim in as well.

Historical Monuments:

Sri Lanka is also known as a historical counrty. The country is rich in impressive colonial architecture, eight ancient kingdoms, cultural triangle covering cities like Anuradhapura, Dambulla and Kandy, ancient rock fortress at Sigiriya and various UNESCO world heritage sites.


Colorful Festivals:

Enjoy your family holiday over here by unique and colorful festivals and events. Some of them are Galle Literary festival, Esla festival, World Spice festival, Nawam Maha Perahera etc. The most recognizable festival in Sri Lanka is the Deepavali festival which is celebrated by Tamil population.

Natural Sanctum:

Make your day by visiting some natural sanctum like forests, caves.. In earth caves are truly attractive and massive. By climbing and jumping you can enjoy the dark sides of nature. In Sri Lanka, Belilena is very large and old cave. It is 12,000 year old. Some skeletal remains of prehistoric ‘Balangoda man’ have been found.

There are several ancient caves in Southern Highlands part, near Ella, Bandarawela, Balangoda, Belihuloya and Welimada.

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