7 Things to Love Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is really one of the most amazing countries in the world. It has marvelous waterfalls, tropical rain forests, and vast mountain scenery. In today’s date Sri Lanka is really one of the most amazing countries counted in the world. It has marvelous tropical rain forests, waterfalls, and vast mountain scenery. The country gets more love and affection from the tourist/visitors. It is not big countries like others but still people likes to visit all the time to spend some valuable and peaceful moments. Sri Lanka known as the land of exotic islands, calming Buddhist spirituality and contains 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tourism in Sri Lanka can, broadly, is divided into three categories beaches, the cities of cultural & historical, religious and last but not the least its nature. This tiny island is rich with such beautiful places to visit from all these three categories. If you are traveling Sri Lanka as a tourist purpose then you need tourist visa and if you are visiting Sri Lanka as a business purpose like to stay in one place for 2-3 hours then you need Sri Lanka transit visa.

Beaches & Islands:

A string of fine beaches, assisted by hundreds of hotels and guesthouses of all sizes and standards. Dot the coast from Negombo in the north to Hikkaduwa in the south the beaches are surrounded by hotels and guesthouses. The coast from Hikkaduwa to Arugam Bay littered with long sand bottom point breaks and hidden beaches. The Arugam Bay is a bay situated on Sri Lanka’s east coast part approximately 320 km east of Colombo. In the east coast zone it is the most popular travel destination and is known for its great surf.

Rain Forest:

According to declaration of Sri Lanka as UNESCO World Heritage Site contains a large amount of elephants in Sinharaja Rain Forest. Tropical lowland rainforest extending an area of 18900 acres located within Sabaragamuwa and Southern provinces of the south-west lowland wet zone of Sri Lanka. The island is known as most tourist visiting place in Sri Lanka.


In celebrating festivals Sri Lanka celebrates all the festivals with a colorful event happening almost every month in some region of the country. We can say they start celebrating their festivals from the starting of the month only. In the month of January Galle Literary Festival is an event that takes place annually. Visitors to the festival can enjoy in readings, discussions, and a host of informative and interesting workshops.


To have faith in god every country has their own religious god to be devoted. In this way Sri Lanka is famous for old Buddhist temples. The island is situated with 1000 years ancient lord Buddha statues. The oldest Buddhist temple in all of Sri Lanka and one of the oldest temples counted in the world is Girihadu Seya, which translates as “the stupa on top of the rocks.”


Sri Lankans use to eat with their right hand only, never use their left, and use either bread or small portions of rice as a ‘utensil’. If one of their people is emptying their plate, then it indicates they are still hungry. Most residents staying over here are vegetarians. However, meat and sea food dishes are easily found in most restaurants.



It is the capital of Sri Lanka where most travelers come through the year and its airport is the biggest airport in whole Sri Lanka. From here you will find all your destination transports. In the 5th Century the city was founded and provides the gateway for trade between Asia and the West.

Hence pack your bags and have a tour to Sri Lanka. To get a visa for Sri Lanka visit our site ETA Visa Sri Lanka. Provides Details information regarding Sri Lanka visa.


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