Top Reasons to Visit Sri Lanka

In south East Asia Sri Lanka is a small island nation. It is known mostly for its political turmoil country amongst other things. Since the end of the civil war the tourism industry in Sri Lanka has seen to be a steady growth and now the country has become one of the most visited in the Asian continent. The colorful beauty of the country and its landscapes has led to many describing their trip as “welcoming the divine”. The most tourism attractions of the country are located in the eastern and southern part of the country. There are so many historical sites that are located in the interiors of the country; and for those who love luxury, there are many ostentatious resorts located in the mountainous areas of Sri Lanka. However, as a tourist your tour to this country should ideally start from its beaches. The Unawatuna Beach, a beautiful beach off the coast of Galle and one of the most famous beaches of the country. This beach is an absolute paradise for those of you who enjoy the deep-sea diving and the silence of the sea. Its beautiful reef protects the beach from pollution makes it a safe place for bathing and swimming activities. This beach has also been voted as one of the world’s top 10 beautiful beaches. Book your visa for Sri Lanka and have a significant trip of life.

No country is ever completed without visiting its capital city. The capital city is Colombo located along the Kelani River. It is famous for its commercial hangouts as well as cultural sites and almost every tourist finds something to do here. Sri Lanka may be known as the tear drop of the Indian Ocean because if anyone see carefully the globe then it looks like a tear drop but the country is far livelier than its sobriquet suggests. Sri Lanka is also considered as one of the most child-friendly destinations. Children love to visit the Pinnewala elephant orphanage which is home to about 100 elephants. At pre fixing timings, children can able to bathe and feed the baby elephants here. A land that effortlessly impress the tourist by its traditional and modern, the magical and the real and the untold stories of its past. Long unseen from the view of travelers, Sri Lanka is a country worth visiting for many reasons from history to food, to culture to religion all are just say in a single word natural beauty. For more Sri Lanka tourist visa information visit our site ETA Sri Lanka visa.


Sri Lanka The Land of Eye-Catching Beauty

The Small Island or country is located in southern coast of India between Arabia and East Asia. Before independence in 1948, Sri Lanka is known as Ceylon. Naturally rich exotic beaches, central hills, tropical rainy forests with picturesque waterfalls and moreover the precious climate that differs the natural beauty of this small island to be a world famous tourist destination. This island is also known to be the pearl of the Indian Ocean. The New York Times in their recent survey admit that Sri Lanka is the best destination for travel among thirty one destinations. Even the National Geographic has placed Sri Lanka as the second world’s 20 best destination to travel. Cheap flight tickets! This is perhaps the most pleasant set of world for a vacationer if they are looking to buy air tickets for his/her journey. In top holiday destinations Sri Lanka attracts travelers all over the globe and makes travelers to book airline tickets to Sri Lanka. But before you go for cheap air tickets first go for Sri Lanka visa. Because after having a visa only you can be able to see all those things that we have described in our blog. Visa is a mandatory requirement for anyone to enter Sri Lanka, including children. For children 0-5 yrs are not required any visa. One should assure its possession before planning to enter Sri Lanka. Why Sri Lanka visa is mandatory to every traveler? Because any outsiders enters into any country visa is required. And visa prices always changes according to their country tourist fare.

Tourist Destinations in Sri Lanka:

Rain Forest: The mountainous wet zone in the south western part of Sri Lanka records an average annual rainfall of 2500 mm. And the rest dry zone in the northeast and northern parts receives an average rainfall of 1200 mm and 1900 mm. The climate of this country maintains a high bio-diversity with great care.

Wildlife Sanctuaries: Sri Lanka is known to be the first country to launch a wild sanctuary. National parks and sanctuaries are located in different parts of the island. Yala National park in the south-eastern part is an important tourist attraction for watching number of elephants, peacocks and dears.

Cultural Heritage: Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Galle City & Galle Port, Kandy Sacred City and Dambulla Cave temple are the five all time known ancient cities of Sri Lanka. These places are of great historical value for visitors to enjoy themselves and make their dreams and wishes come true.


Go to Galle Face Terrace, it is located beside to Colombo and alongside the old parliament complex on the Galle Street close to the ocean. This is a spot for local people to accumulate and spend their night.

In this manner there are so many places to visit in Sri Lanka. If you are looking for visa services then don’t worry ETA visa Sri Lanka is there to help you. Just visit our site and download the online Sri Lanka tourist visa application. After that fill the application and submit it on our site. If any problem found contact our experts.

Sri Lanka Tourism Finest of Tropical Paradise

If you are looking for an ideal holiday vacation to enjoy with unique and memorable way, Sri Lanka is the perfect place for you. It is well known for its outstanding beaches, ancient temples, wildlife parks and sanctuaries, thundering waterfalls, art galleries, museums and many wonderful sightseeing attractions. It is the wonderful country with so many wonder moments that can hardly be explained in words. Sri Lanka has so many wonderful destinations and all are truly blessed by the nature. Go for your Sri Lanka visa today and experience the colorful country.  Some of the amazing sightseeing spots in Sri Lanka that are worth visiting to known the specialties are:


The capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo. It is not just known for its attractions but at the same time it is the financial head of the country. Well this is an exciting feeling that tourist from all across the world get to Colombo, to enjoy their vacation with ultimate experience of lifetime.

  • Tourist Attraction Places in Colombo: These are number of tourist places in Colombo and all are surprisingly blessed with special features that overwhelm the heart of the visitors. Colombo Zoo, National Museum, Ruhana National Park, the Dutch Period Museum, Botanical Gardens, Spumes Foundation, etc are some of the highly preferred tourist’s most visited place in Colombo.  Beside all these there are so many other beautiful attractive places in Sri Lanka which tourists will love to visit and explore during tours and travels in Sri Lanka.



Talking about the tourist attraction cities, Anuradhapura has the long list. It has so many wonderful attraction places and all are historically as well as culturally rich. It is also one of the major tourist attractions and tourists most visiting places. This city can enjoy and explore so many tempting attractions that include Jethawana Stupa, Ruwanweli Stupa, Lovamahapaya,, Bodhi tree temple, archaeology museum, Western Monastaries, MoonstoneArticle submission, etc. These are some of the alluring, magnetic attraction sightseeing spots that magnets thousands of tourists all the year round.

Like this there are number of places in Sri Lanka which tourist like to visit again and again to enjoy their travel dairies.  But all the visiting to one place might be difficult. Because it requires visa which validity periods matters. ETA Visa Sri Lanka offers multiple entries to Sri Lanka in a month with better visa validity.

Festivals Celebrated in Sri Lanka

Every country has its own culture and traditions and all are different from others. When you are traveling from one country to another country you will found different people with different in their religion and different in their culture and festivals. Sri Lanka is famous for its festivals. All the travelers used to say that their culture and festivals are very different from other countries and they use to enjoy the authentic Sri Lanka cultural holidays. Even the people stays over there they use to respect their culture and traditions a lot. The people of Sri Lanka are known as lovely heart people. They have always a smiling face.  For tourists the county has many opportunities where they can visit the tea plantations, historical traditional villages and colonial cities. Additionally, each Sri Lankan city has its own feel and uniqueness which plays an important role in the country’s tourism. While some cities that are popular in pilgrimage centers and some strike magic with their breath taking beauty and some cities occupy historical importance. In this country people welcome their tourists with open arms and a well developed infrastructure goes hand in hand.


Out of the many cities present in the country, Colombo is the biggest city and the commercial center of the country. Located on the south western coast area of Sri Lanka, and known as the perfect starting point to other tourist places. The city is also one of the biggest and active ports of the country and over a million people reside here. After it was shifted to Sri Jayawardene Pura, the city is no longer the country’s political capital it still witnesses the country’s hustle and bustle. A city which holds all your memorable holidays is Colombo. The commercial capital Colombo Sri Lanka is an energetic metropolis that is a colorful and attracting city, providing a look to the country’s rich and different culture. The city has a bundle of accommodation choices to choose from that does not hurt the pocket. There are several hotels of international standards, guesthouses, service apartments and quite popular home stay providers for tourists. The dining places and the variety of cuisines served is extensive and varied. For entertainment options abound with numerous theaters, cinemas, art galleries museums and parks.

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