Festivals Celebrated in Sri Lanka

Every country has its own culture and traditions and all are different from others. When you are traveling from one country to another country you will found different people with different in their religion and different in their culture and festivals. Sri Lanka is famous for its festivals. All the travelers used to say that their culture and festivals are very different from other countries and they use to enjoy the authentic Sri Lanka cultural holidays. Even the people stays over there they use to respect their culture and traditions a lot. The people of Sri Lanka are known as lovely heart people. They have always a smiling face.  For tourists the county has many opportunities where they can visit the tea plantations, historical traditional villages and colonial cities. Additionally, each Sri Lankan city has its own feel and uniqueness which plays an important role in the country’s tourism. While some cities that are popular in pilgrimage centers and some strike magic with their breath taking beauty and some cities occupy historical importance. In this country people welcome their tourists with open arms and a well developed infrastructure goes hand in hand.


Out of the many cities present in the country, Colombo is the biggest city and the commercial center of the country. Located on the south western coast area of Sri Lanka, and known as the perfect starting point to other tourist places. The city is also one of the biggest and active ports of the country and over a million people reside here. After it was shifted to Sri Jayawardene Pura, the city is no longer the country’s political capital it still witnesses the country’s hustle and bustle. A city which holds all your memorable holidays is Colombo. The commercial capital Colombo Sri Lanka is an energetic metropolis that is a colorful and attracting city, providing a look to the country’s rich and different culture. The city has a bundle of accommodation choices to choose from that does not hurt the pocket. There are several hotels of international standards, guesthouses, service apartments and quite popular home stay providers for tourists. The dining places and the variety of cuisines served is extensive and varied. For entertainment options abound with numerous theaters, cinemas, art galleries museums and parks.

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