Sri Lanka The Land of Eye-Catching Beauty

The Small Island or country is located in southern coast of India between Arabia and East Asia. Before independence in 1948, Sri Lanka is known as Ceylon. Naturally rich exotic beaches, central hills, tropical rainy forests with picturesque waterfalls and moreover the precious climate that differs the natural beauty of this small island to be a world famous tourist destination. This island is also known to be the pearl of the Indian Ocean. The New York Times in their recent survey admit that Sri Lanka is the best destination for travel among thirty one destinations. Even the National Geographic has placed Sri Lanka as the second world’s 20 best destination to travel. Cheap flight tickets! This is perhaps the most pleasant set of world for a vacationer if they are looking to buy air tickets for his/her journey. In top holiday destinations Sri Lanka attracts travelers all over the globe and makes travelers to book airline tickets to Sri Lanka. But before you go for cheap air tickets first go for Sri Lanka visa. Because after having a visa only you can be able to see all those things that we have described in our blog. Visa is a mandatory requirement for anyone to enter Sri Lanka, including children. For children 0-5 yrs are not required any visa. One should assure its possession before planning to enter Sri Lanka. Why Sri Lanka visa is mandatory to every traveler? Because any outsiders enters into any country visa is required. And visa prices always changes according to their country tourist fare.

Tourist Destinations in Sri Lanka:

Rain Forest: The mountainous wet zone in the south western part of Sri Lanka records an average annual rainfall of 2500 mm. And the rest dry zone in the northeast and northern parts receives an average rainfall of 1200 mm and 1900 mm. The climate of this country maintains a high bio-diversity with great care.

Wildlife Sanctuaries: Sri Lanka is known to be the first country to launch a wild sanctuary. National parks and sanctuaries are located in different parts of the island. Yala National park in the south-eastern part is an important tourist attraction for watching number of elephants, peacocks and dears.

Cultural Heritage: Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Galle City & Galle Port, Kandy Sacred City and Dambulla Cave temple are the five all time known ancient cities of Sri Lanka. These places are of great historical value for visitors to enjoy themselves and make their dreams and wishes come true.


Go to Galle Face Terrace, it is located beside to Colombo and alongside the old parliament complex on the Galle Street close to the ocean. This is a spot for local people to accumulate and spend their night.

In this manner there are so many places to visit in Sri Lanka. If you are looking for visa services then don’t worry ETA visa Sri Lanka is there to help you. Just visit our site and download the online Sri Lanka tourist visa application. After that fill the application and submit it on our site. If any problem found contact our experts.


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