Splendid Holidays in Sri Lanka

Being a beautiful island, Sri Lanka provides exotic beaches with outstanding resorts or hotels known as an admired beach holiday destination. Perfectly balanced over the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka boasts a mesmerizing coast which fringes the island’s territory.  This fringing coast gives innumerable beaches that are exquisitely beautiful. This Sri Lankan coastline is the place where one can enjoy the tropical weather while relaxing in the tranquil ambiance with combination of Indian Ocean’s soothing water. However, the best part of attraction of this island is palm-fringed pristine beaches which is not only attraction site here there are other primary aspects to this land which contributes in making it a well known tourist destination place in the world. For many years, Sri Lanka has kept its own identity in top level of being a serene country rich in culture and heritage. The other features of interest for tourists are the ancient museums, pilgrimage sites, harmonious hill-stations, exotic National Parks, dazzling waterfalls, world heritage sites and adventure sports. All these features subsidize in the tourism of this island. To enjoy all these features one person required to have a Sri Lanka Visa with him or her.  A visa is an essential travel document for every citizen who travels to many foreign countries.

Types of visas for Sri Lanka:

Tourist Visa: Visiting Sri Lanka for a tourism purpose then take for Sri Lanka tourist visa. Even if you are visiting Sri Lanka for friends then you can have this visa. This visa is applicable for family, friends and relatives. Now a day’s many travel agencies are there who provide visa in different validity. Example like some visa service provider provides 6 months validity period or it might be less or more 6 months. So when you are going Sri Lanka for tourism purpose then check every visa website validity period.


Business Visa:  Some conference meeting, business meeting, training or any business event is there in Sri Lanka for some day then go for this business visa.  This visa will be validating up to two-three months. In that you can visit only for business purpose for single day only and you can stay there more than one day.

Transit Visa: A transit visa is issued to permit a traveler to reach his/her ultimate destination. For a short time period this visa is applicable as it has limited time period. If your flight is delay to visit your destination then you can apply for this in the airports of Sri Lanka. The validity period of this visa is 24hrs.

Sri Lanka government has introduced new ETA visa or you can say Electronic Travel Authorization visa for every travelers who ever visit to Sri Lanka.  Tourist can apply this Sri Lanka ETA visa online


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