Festivals Not to be Missed – Cultural Holidays Sri Lanka

Every country has its own unique traditions and cultures. When traveling to another country from your country it is necessary to check for their festival time such as Sri Lanka, it is important to understand the culture and traditions of Sri Lanka so that you can enjoy the authentic Sri Lanka cultural holiday. As a tourist it is one thing to be part of a country’s culture and another thing is to respect the culture and tradition that other people in other countries have. Sri Lankan’s are known to be the always smiling people. They enjoy a unique and simple lifestyle that touches art, music and entertainment. Sri Lankan’s are known to be very hospitable people. Aside from that, the country is known to have lovely festivals that lasts the whole year round. Travelers or tourists who came from other countries enjoy staying in Sri Lanka because of their several bright and colorful traditions that they show in their each and every festival celebration. Most of these festivities are religiously related and some are based on the lunar calendar, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. So if you are booking your ticket to Sri Lanka please check for their Sri Lanka visa process. Because every countries have their own and different type of visa service system.

Here are some of the following festivals names that are celebrated in Sri Lanka:

  • Poson- This festival is celebrated during the month of June, this is a type of tribute to those who introduce Buddhism to Sri Lankan’s. Processions are also held in all over the country during this event.
  • Vesak- During the month of May this festival is celebrated and it marks the death of the Buddha. The Sri Lankan’s celebrate this festival by decorating their houses with bright Vesak lanterns temples give free meals to every passer-by.


  • Duruthu- In the time of New Year and January Duruthu is celebrated this marks Buddha’s first visit to Sri Lanka. This festival is celebrated by means of a procession with drummers, elephants and dancers that lasts for three nights.
  • Esala- During the month of July or August Esala festival is celebrated; this is offered to the Warrior of god Kataragama. In these two months, the biggest and most special festivals are held, including the August Moon festival. This is held for two weeks with parade that are highlighted with fire walking ceremony, in respect to the Warrior god.

In this way more festivals are their which are being celebrated in very respected way. Tourists to Sri Lanka are awed with the festivities and made them come back to experience them once again. If you have proper Sri Lanka tourist visa then you can visit to Sri Lanka as many times as you like to visit.


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