Sri Lanka Cycling Tours

Are you interested to take Sri Lanka cycling tours experience? If you want some kind of unique cycling experience, then you should not miss out on Sri Lanka. The beautiful landscape of the country is perfect for cyclists; the mountains, beaches, tropical forests, valleys, cultural villages and ancient cities offer one new kind of cycling experience. Every year tourist visit Sri Lanka, not to enjoy the natural beauty of the country but for cycling so that they can enjoy the 2500 year old culture of Sri Lanka. Most of the tourists are from United Kingdom. Why from this country only? Because according to their climate they feel much better to ride cycling over here. They also feel that visa service to this country is much easier than other countries. With the help of any Sri Lanka visa service provider U.K people get their visa in right time and in proper manner.

For each and every cyclist, temperature, weather and the type of roads are important when they are going into trails. Before you book your ticket for Sri Lanka have some few knowledge on cycling. Here is a guide to the general climate, temperature and types of trail in Sri Lanka:

Lowlands:  The lowlands are typically warm and humid with an average of 27 degrees centigrade temperature. In Central Hills areas the temperature is low as compared to most lowland areas; its temperature is around 14 degrees centigrade. During the months of May to July, expectation rain from the south-east area monsoon hit the west, south-west and central areas. During the months of January and December, the north-west monsoon brings rain to the lowlands. However if you will see over the all year around then general climate is typically favorable for tourists on holiday in Sri Lanka.


Soft Trails and Moderate Trails: The soft trails are analogously easy and these short trails are typically taken by the beginners and for free time or leisure riders. In soft trails the roads are mostly dirty manner and it is situated on flat and gentle slopes. These trails are not as difficult as the trails chosen by adventurous and serious cyclists. As per moderate trails the roads are reserved for more adventurous and experienced cyclists. In moderate trails the Sri Lanka cycling tours usually take a weekend to cover the hill areas and the mountain areas which are more difficult to do in soft trails.

Technical trails: These trails are known as the technical sections or professional sections. They are preserved for higher level cyclists who already have a certain level of fitness and endurance people those are able to complete the trails.

The Sri Lanka cycling tours generally required having good climate for cycling but still need to check for the weather if you want to join the tour. If you are willing to visit Sri Lanka this year for cycling purpose then get your Sri Lanka eta visa and spend your holidays in high profile manner.


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